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Unstoppable Army of Flamingos

Teacher Sites

Coaster Monkey - Online Video Math Help

Mr. Viola and Mr. Buro have created this wonderful site to help out all 8th Grade (and also 7th) math students by providing helpful step-by-step video solutions to sample problems. The site will continously grow with new and useful content. Enjoy! There is a companion channel also, see the site for more info.

The Doctor Knows How To Help

Mr. Viola and Mr. Buro have created this great site to help out all 8th Grade (and also 7th) math students by providing useful practice worksheets. The worksheets are listed by topic and actually correspond to the lesson numbers for Mr. Buro and Mr. Viola's 8th grade classes. If you have another teacher, it is possible that they correspond to your lesson numbers as well. The site will continously grow with new and useful content, all of which is geared towards helping you smash the state test in March. Enjoy!

Mr. Viola's Class Website and Roller Coaster Info Page
Ms. Belnavis' Class Website
Ms. Verderber's Class Website
Mr. Greenfield's Class Website
Mr. Lafeir's Class Website

School and Educational Sites

Official Staten Island Technical HS Website

Autodesk Company Site - AutoCAD, Inventor, Revit, 3DSMax, Maya, Etc.
Certiport Certification Site for Autodesk Certification Exam Stuff
Certiport Certification Verification Site to verify your achievments

Official Tottenville HS Website

Official Totten Intermediate School Website

Your Student Cafeteria Account Balance
NYC Department of Education
NYS Education Department
NYS Math Resources (samples, old tests, standards)
TI Calculator Homepage
Unnofficial TI Calculator Program Resource

Virtual TI BETA Version 2.5 - zip or self-extracting exe (software*)

*The software posted here in the links section is hosted by Mr. Buro, but has not been created by Mr. Buro. Please abide by any rules and guidelines explained in the program itself, and the text files included in the download. Downloading and using this software is at your own risk. Mr. Buro can not really help you with any technical difficulties, please consult the included text files. You may download it in "zipped" format, or as a "self-extracting exe" file. Good Luck!

Academic Advantage, LLC - A top-notch Learning Center (info)

Located at 99 New Dorp Plaza (near the train station and Andrew's Bakery). The phone number is 718-351-3168. All instructors are NYS licensed teachers, which is something that can not be said by other learning centers.

Wiki-Driven Open-Source Encyclopedia (info)
Dr. Math - Drexel University Math Forum (info)
Web-comic (check out the SB Emails) (fun)
Internet Movie Database - Great Site (fun)
The Game Resource (yes, Mr. Buro does game) (fun)
Island Lifestyle Clothing (coolness)

Suggested Calculator Purchase Links |
Integrated Algebra Only TI-83 Plus |
Integrated Algebra Only TI-84 Plus (usb port) |
Integrated Algebra Only TI-84 Plus Silver (in colors too!) (usb port)
Integrated Algebra Only TI-84 Plus C (useless color screen!) (usb port) |
Integrated Algebra Only TI-nSpire CX (See me before buying!)

Calculator Info - Integrated Algebra (Regents Classes)

All regents math classes use graphing calculators. The TI-82, TI-83, TI-83 Plus, TI-84 Plus, TI-84 Plus Silver, and TI-NSpire (NEW) all fit the requirement. The TI-82 and regular TI-83 are no longer available for purchase. The TI-84 (Plus and Plus Silver), and TI-nSpire come equipped with a USB port which makes it very easy to plug into a home computer and download updates and applications. The TI-83 Plus can also be updated, but in a less convenient fashion. These models cost between $70 and $150. The older discontinued models (TI-82 and regular TI-83) are usable, but can not be updated or anything like the new 83, 84, or nSpire. Perhaps an older sibling or parent may have one of these around from previous use and that would suffice for our class, but these older calculators should not be purchased if found in stores.

Regarding the new TI-nSpire, it comes in several varieties and has different keyboards depending on the model you choose. To be safe we suggest a TI-84, not an nSpire, but if you want to try it out go to and learn more about it.

A regular scientific calculator is not needed for the Regents Algebra classes, DO NOT BUY ONE OR BRING ONE TO CLASS.

This graphing calculator will definitely be used all four years of high school and at least one year in college, it is an necessary investment.

*Should purchasing be a problem, have your son or daughter see the teacher in class privately.