Period 8 - CAD
The Great Librarian
2014 - 2015 Computer Aided Design

For about 50 class days this class was split with Mrs. Alison Barone. She was a great partner to have to make a smooth beginning to CAD at Tech.

Well first I must mention the vast range of maturity here. There were some people that were flat out wise in the ways of the world. Then on the other end of the spectrum you have Jawad, Ishak, and Walter. Maybe Yousseff should be thrown in there too. I am not sure.

Regarding their CAD skills, they all had talent. They all shined in their own way. All joking aside they achieved a professional level in there. Thanks for a good end of the day, you will be remembeered.


1. Tasmia Anika 13. 25. Robert Stenrud
2. Moamen Bahloul 14. Marc Ishak 26. Veronica Tadros
3. Juwei Bian 15. Nikita Ivanov 27. Thomas Ton
4. Jawad Braick 16. Marina Kheyfets 28. Allyson Vakhovskaya
5. Anna Braz 17. Jeremy Liang 29. Alyssa Wagie
6. Angelo Cardinale 18. John Lin 30. Ella Yakir
7. Jacky Chen 19. Peter Liu 31. Shuhua Yan
8. Lexib Chen 20. James Mirfeld 32. Priscilla Wah
9. Walter Chen 21. Vincent Ni 33. Kevin Zheng
10. Anthony Chen 22. Chira Pizzirusso 34. Xiaokai Zhong
11. Youssef Ebid 23. Sarah Schmidt  
12. Angie Feng 24. Daniel Schwartzman  

Noteworthy People
Cooperating Teacher / Content Partner Mrs. Alison Barone
Principal Mr. Mark Erlenwein
Assistant Principal Mr. Joe Manzo
Content Planning Partner Mr. Everton Henriques
Assistant Principal / Content Advisor Dr. John Davis

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