Period 6 - CAD
The Great Librarian
2014 - 2015 Computer Aided Design

A good group of people. One of two classes this year that I was the only teacher for the whole year.

This was the right after lunch crew. I had them after my lunch break and for th emost part they had me right after lunch. This made for a relaxed bunch.

Some personalities in here that were just flat out strange. Lily ignored all rules and forced me to eject her from the lab. There is no eating in CAD. Some others persistantly tampered with our stuff. Blood was spilled accordingly. There is no tampering with stuff in CAD.

Overall a successful group I was proud to teach.


1. Ayah Ahmed 13. Erin Graham 25. Brian Sela
2. Jason Arroyo 14. Maisha Ikra 26. Maggie Tan
3. Umar Asif 15. Katie Ip 27. Sarthak Taneja
4. Cesar Cevallos 16. Darren Li 28. Shawn Tatynskiy
5. Alan Eappen 17. Jiyuan Li 29. Evan Tedesco
6. Matt Fam 18. Emily Lombardi 30. William Toledo
7. Ciaran Farley 19. Giana Marchisella 31. Nusrat Uddin
8. Nicole Folgen 20. Jia Wen Mei 32. Michelle Wong
9. Francis Foo 21. Aly (Alyssa) Minkoff 33. Zhen Xiao
10. Mike Gayevsky 22. Eitan Natanzon 34. Lily Zhang
11. Dom "The Bomb" Gentile (Buro Legacy) 23. Yasvin Rajapakse  
12. David Glazer 24. Alexa Ruberti  

Noteworthy People
Principal Mr. Mark Erlenwein
Assistant Principal Mr. Joe Manzo
Content Planning Partner Mr. Everton Henriques
Content Planning Partner Mrs. Alison Barone
Assistant Principal / Content Advisor Dr. John Davis

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