Period 4 - CAD
The Great Librarian
2014 - 2015 Computer Aided Design

For about 50 class days this class was split with Mrs. Alison Barone. She was a great partner to have to make a smooth beginning to CAD at Tech.

Mr. Henriques often visited this class as it was before one of his CAD classes. He had a lot of respect for them and probably secretly wanted to switch them with his period 5 class. Too bad Mr. Henriques.

OVerall they were a very talented group. The first full class to be certiport certified. Keep in touch people.


1. Zobee (Zohaib) Ali 13. Kenneth Fremer 25. Anthony Suberski
2. Tamer Asfar 14. Samantha Helmy 26. Kai Sucich
3. Carly Berntsen 15. Mike Kennet 27. Timur Tashmukhamedov
4. Rich Cheung 16. Eric Kuang 28. Jim (Zipeng) Wei
5. Julia Danischewski 17. Anastasiya Malinouskaya 29. Victor Weng
6. Amanda Desouza 18. Robert Nicosia 30. Destiny Wong
7. Mike Digregorio 19. Vin Pashchenko 31. Letitia Xiao
8. Elizabeth Dilberto 20. Alissa Plotkin 32. Chloe Aster Trang
9. Alex Doychinov 21. Eric Ren 33. Steven Zeng
10. Matt Durney 22. Sam Shteynberg 34. Kim Zhong
11. Khye Facey-Marshall 23. Katrina Slesarevich  
12. Max Fishman 24. Eric Sparacio  

Noteworthy People
Cooperating Teacher / Content Partner Mrs. Alison Barone
Principal Mr. Mark Erlenwein
Assistant Principal Mr. Joe Manzo
Content Planning Partner Mr. Everton Henriques
Assistant Principal / Content Advisor Dr. John Davis

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