Period 3 - CAD
The Great Librarian
2014 - 2015 Computer Aided Design

A good group of people. One of two classes this year that I was the only teacher for the whole year.

They were a good bunch with a lot of talent. Out of my six groups that year I would say this class had the most strange and unique personalities. They met their potential and made me proud throughout. I hope to keep in touch with a lot of them over the years.

Also a lot of solid crews of friends here, but none of them too good to shut out others. That counts big.


1. Tanya Belova 13. Amy Kuang 25. Ben Segall
2. Brian Berman 14. Stephanie Lee 26. Jonathan Sparacio
3. Christian Bonavita (Buro Legacy) 15. Jason Li 27. Shuwen Tan
4. Jessica Bruno 16. Muzaddid Mahmud 28. John Tawfellos
5. Liam Carr 17. Curtis Mason 29. Greg Usvitsky
6. Stanley Chan 18. Tom "Mr T" Murray 30. Jing Wang
7. Kyle Chau 19. Madha Nawal 31. Raymond Zhang
8. Cynthia Chen 20. Tristana Pearson 32. Kyle Zhou
9. Felex Chen 21. Alex Perez  
10. Shayna Cohen 22. Kyle Rodriguez  
11. Reese Ganaway 23. Stephanie Sabido  
12. Kavindu Gunaratna 24. Edison Sears  

Noteworthy People
Principal Mr. Mark Erlenwein
Assistant Principal Mr. Joe Manzo
Content Planning Partner Mr. Everton Henriques
Content Planning Partner Mrs. Alison Barone
Assistant Principal / Content Advisor Dr. John Davis

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