Period 2 - CAD
The Great Librarian
2014 - 2015 Computer Aided Design

My first class at Staten Island Tech. For about 50 class days this class was split with Mrs. Alison Barone. She was a great partner to have to make a smooth beginning to CAD at Tech.

They were a good group. Mostly quiet and quite nice, except for a few fools like Zach and Newman. Newman gave me an ulcer every time I called his name.

Regarding their performance, they were great! A LOT of mixing of artistic talent and CAD skills. I would call out some names here but there are just too many. Thank you to everyone in this class for making it a great year... except Newman. Yea... Newman... you are probably reading this right now in a class where you are supposed to not be surfing the web. I'll help you out, here is your horrible fantasy football site.


1. Ibrahim Ali 13. Zack Hajjar 25. Britney Nam
2. Marina Andrawis 14. Chrisney He 26. John Newman
3. Caitlin Balagula 15. David Ip 27. Julia Radzio
4. Reanay Berezovsky 16. Sam Kaufman 28. Daniel Rizov
5. Mike Burovsky 17. Eric Kipnis 29. Vincent Ryan
6. Fanny Chen 18. Shi Min Lin 30. Alex Shafir
7. Ricky Chen 19. David Luu 31. Mikayla Tardy
8. Philip Cina 20. Evan Mai 32. Chloe Aster Trang
9. Jonathan Freader 21. Felix Malamud 33. Victoria Wong
10. Joyce (Man Yi) Gao 22. Abdullah Malik 34. Jing Yi Mo*
11. Edward Grinberg 23. Simon Mei  
12. Angela Guang 24. Weronika Michalczewska  

*Not really a member of the class due to absences over 98%.

Noteworthy People
Cooperating Teacher / Content Partner Mrs. Alison Barone
Principal Mr. Mark Erlenwein
Assistant Principal Mr. Joe Manzo
Content Planning Partner Mr. Everton Henriques
Assistant Principal / Content Advisor Dr. John Davis

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