Period 9 - CC Algebra
The Great Librarian
2013 - 2014 Tottenville Freshman

My last class of the day at Tottenville ended with a strange bunch of people. My experience at Tottenville was pretty great due to the people there including students, teachers, and administrators.

A few familiar faces from IS 34 made this class generally good, but most of the class became very close-knit shortly after school started. There was a faction of students whom skirted the edge passing... most of which came out bloody. Good luck to the crew.

They had some trouble... I would say this class was weird by definition. Cooperating teacher Ms. Martinez was on the force but it was still a 2-term class. One of a kind. I hope this experiment lead to success. To the members... email me I would love to hear how you are all doing. Good luck to one and all.

1. Ariella Appugliese 13. Nick Gitto 25. Steven Ramos
2. Louis "Luigi" Caiazzo 14. Joe Hoek 26. Gabriella Saturini
3. Jacob Cardella 15. Steven Lam 27. Anthony Scavuzzo
4. Joe Carollo 16. James Larsen 28. Stefano Scibetta
5. Ryan Coniglario 17. Chris Maestrallis 29. Joe Signa
6. Chris De Francesco 18. Annamarie Maneates 30. Mike Solari
7. Joe Demonte 19. Joe Marra 31. Sabrina Teoh
8. Danny Di Micelli 20. Ahmed Mohamed Khodir 32. Danielle Zambri
9. Claudia Dibiase-D'Andrea 21. Jonathan O'Brien 33. Nick Zollinger (34 Buro Legacy)
10. Rob Didonato (Buro's third of three brothers) 22. Andriy Oliynik 34. Shantal Santiago*
11. Mike Dunn (34 Buro Legacy) 23. Mike Pena  
12. Joe Gallo 24. Kristina Policastro  

*Not really a member of the class due to absences over 96%.

Noteworthy People
Cooperating Teacher Ms. Jessica Martinez
Principal Mr. Bill Dugan
Assistant Principal Ms. Katherine Kish

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