Period 8 - CC Algebra
The Great Librarian
2013 - 2014 Tottenville Freshman

This class had a lot of action. I am glad my classroom had some cell-phone coverage because it made for some interesting situations throughout the year. Some people in here were just clueless when it came to stuff like that... as if my corrective lenses were malfunctioning...

Most of the class was pretty bright and did great on the regents exam. Many made me proud with the level of effort. There were a couple thaat tried to bring the class down thinking their lives were just too important compared to the others in the room that wanted to learn and/or succeed. I believe I successfully taught around their enormous egos though.

If you were in this class... feel free to email me, I would love to see how you are doing. I wish the best to all of you - including the above mentioned uninterested. :)

1. Danni Barth 13. Karissa Keshner* 25. Katrina Orzillo
2. Andrew Basile 14. Victoria Kopetic 26. Dom Palaia
3. Mahmut Becirovic 15. Evan Kostylev 27. Vincent Palaia
4. Vin Benfante 16. Jason Lepore 28. Mariana Pernicone
5. Arben Canka 17. Dawson Martin-Jones 29. Christnia Pipitone
6. Joe Cascio 18. Taylor Mascari 30. Presley Polemeni
7. Bridget Connolly 19. Anna Mengani 31. Brandon Przybyszewski
8. Joe Gardiner 20. Sal Messina 32. Francisco Romano
9. Eleni Gogas (34 Buro Legacy) 21. Sandy Mettry 33. Mike Taylor
10. Vin Grey 22. Taylor Mornmado 34. Joe Volpe
11. Chris Hancock 23. Suzanne Muscarello 35. Samantha Flaherty** (34 Buro Legacy)
12. Mike Herold 24. Andrew Neves  

*The only student whom requested to leave my class... ever. I officially don't make everyone happy. Insert tear.
**Sam was a great student of mine in IS 34, she joined in the Spring after rejecting private school... as many should. Bravo! :)

Noteworthy People
Principal Mr. Bill Dugan
Assistant Principal Ms. Katherine Kish

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