Period 5 - CC Algebra
The Great Librarian
2013 - 2014 Tottenville Freshman

Ms. Martinez and I had a good time with this class. There were some bright stars in the room that really moved the class along. Aside from the bright stars were a mix of hard workers who made great progress, and some people whom ultimately functioned as vacuums of motivation. My own life was amlost consumed on many occasion.

We liked the class for the most part. The hardworkers and motivated bunch really were cool people with great personality. I know it didn't take long for us to get to know eachother very well. I encourage all of you to reach out to me via email to say hi; I would love to see how you are doing.

This was a controversial 3-term common core Algebra class that got converted to a 4-term common core Algebra class. It was the inaugural year of CC. I wonder how that turned out with these guys...

1. Alyson Bermudez-Garcia 10. Antonio Gaudino 19. Victoria Paterno
2. Vincent Bonura 11. Nick Killoran 20. Jasmine Reyes
3. Miguel Calderon 12. Miriam Lesman 21. Emily Romano
4. Jenah Carosone-Russo 13. Chris Marquez 22. Frank Russo
5. Julianna Catanese 14. Erick Mendoza 23. Falyn Scorcia
6. Alexis Chandler 15. Nicole Micelli 24. Nikita Tretyakov*
7. Joe Delvillar 16. Shekira Musliovski 25. Joe Vaticano
8. Alexis Fioretto 17. Malcolm Nicolellis 26. Kearah Baugh*
9. James Fitzgerald 18. Gabrielle Palmieri 27. Jahmae Butler*
*These students were not part of the class for the full year. Nikita never broke single digits, Jahmae joined late and didn't come, and Kearah joined late more or less normally.

Noteworthy People
Cooperating Teacher Ms. Jessica Martinez
Principal Mr. Bill Dugan
Assistant Principal Ms. Katherine Kish

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