Period 2 - CC Algebra
The Great Librarian
2013 - 2014 Tottenville Freshman

My first class of the day at Tottenville started with a great bunch of people. My experience at Tottenville was pretty great due to the people there including students, teachers, and administrators.

A few familiar faces from IS 34 made this class even better, but the members of the class were all family to me shortly after the year began.

They had some trouble arriving on time... I would start class with about 8 diligent attendees. Within 10 minutes most of the class would be there working hard. We had a lot of nice moments inlcuding the fire that none of us believed was real until we evacuated.

1. Ursula Arenas 13. Samantha Majzner 25. Amanda Rosendo
2. Mohammed Bhatti 14. Sebastian Maracola 26. Jenna Saccomanno
3. Amire Canka 15. Artan Mela 27. Jacqueline Shulman
4. Rocco Coluccio 16. Matt Middleton 28. Ilmira Shamsutdinova (34 Buro Legacy)
5. Vin Esposito 17. Brittney Morel 29. Jessica Smith
6. Vanessa Fyfe 18. Vin Niemiec 30. Andrew Snyder
7. Tommy Girardi (34 Buro Legacy) 19. Toni Pepia 31. Justin Soberano
8. Wing Jin Har 20. Marjan Perbibaj 32. Gabrielle Sperling
9. Dana Kearns 21. Jeson Rejuan 33. Alexis Vincent
10. Danella Kopal 22. Kiara Rivera 34. Mike Wiggberg (34 Buro Legacy)
11. Yulia Kosheeva 23. Justin Rodriguez  
12. Andrew Krueger 24. Charles Romeo  

Noteworthy People
Principal Mr. Bill Dugan
Assistant Principal Ms. Katherine Kish

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