The Great Librarian
2012 - 2013 Grade 8 Int. Algebra and 10KM4L HR

Officially the first group to evolve out of the CWing... over a few months we decided on the inception of The House of 10,000 Monkeys, see the archive homepage for the story.

It wasn't easy making 109 a home for this homeroom, but the group made it seem nothing short of natural. They all know that we will always be bonded as a tight-knit group, with or without wristbands. The group rolled with a lot of difficult things this year, and I am proud to have been there with them through every one of them.

We dominated the new format of homeroom points, winning every marking period. Though little reward was given... they know its not about pizza or spelling bee invitations; instead it is about banding together. Had a great time every day with them, and I will never forget them.

I hoppe to continue to stay in touch with many of them, as our bond doesn't break just because its sunny outside one day late in June. 10KM - CW4L...

Class Picture
Absent an official salute, we decided to be fierce and put up the paws. We now "throw out the bananas" as our offical salute.

1. Daniel "Stanley Yelnatz" Agarunov 13. Lucia DiBerardino 25. Dom Notaroberta
2. Erik Aleksanyan 14. Nicole Emilio 26. Stephanie Pena
3. Adam Aly 15. Daniel Feldman 27. Vicnent Pericone
4. Nick Anzalone 16. Samantha Flaherty 28. Alexus Ploucher SHE LIKES FIESTA DOG BEST I THINK
5. Vanessa Barrows 17. Anthony "AG3" Grillo, III 29. Shawn Questel
6. Fiana Botkhin 18. John "Khan Jelly" Kelly 30. Frank Rao
7. Pamela Botkhin 19. Ilia Krisulas 31. Kaylee "Libby Davenport" Ritchie
8. Alexa Calamia 20. Ilan Leybman 32. Alexa "Sho'nuff!" Sjolund
9. Josephine Comitini 21. Amber LoGuirato 33. Kyrlous Youssef
10. Paul DeVito 22. Mariella Martinez  
11. Thomas "Cripple Tom" DeAngelis 23. George Memon Para - Ms. Maria Coccimiglio
12. Tom DeCicco 24. Jade Mogevero  

Noteworthy People
Principal Mr. John Boyle (also Mr. Jeff Preston until June 2011)
Assistant Principal Ms. Tammy Stancavage (Garcia)
Dean of Students Mr. Steve Curreri 8th and 7th Grade, Mr. Anton Updale 6th Grade

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