The Great Librarian
2012 - 2013 Grade 8 Math

This was a great group of people, especially nice to start my day with every day. I often say that I never judge a class as a whole, instead I have opinions of each student as an individual; but for this group I have to say their class had its own personality.

We accomplished a lot over the year regarding math, but it was a difficult run. There was so much new crap and so much lost time because of testing and related assessments. I will say thank you for putting up with all if it and for most of you pressing to the end.

There were some larger than life characters, but everyone had a place there. I hope to keep in touch with all of them and look forward to seeing their success. Someone tell Fabre that she owes IS 34 a textbook.

Class Picture
Unfortunately there were a few not present for the photo: Mike Wiggberg, Kristen Calamia, Sarah Eckert, and Nick Zollinger. Fabre was missing as well...

1. Andy Abbate 13. Joe DiFrancesca 25. Brandon "Schkittles" Neyman
2. Ashley Alfieri 14. Mike Dunn 26. Victoria Romano
3. Ashley Bartolone 15. Sarah Eckert 27. Nick "Who stole my iPad?" Romano
4. Amber "I'm Sorry" Black 16. Ashley Forma 28. Peter Romano
5. Kristen Calamia 17. Tommy Girardi 29. Ilmira Shamsutdinova
6. Megan Cannava 18. Eleni Gogas 30. Deena Sozio
7. Jenna Cartolano 19. Tristan Herrera 31. Mike "Wiggie" Wiggberg
8. Ian Cassano 20. Tim Hodgens 32. Nick Zollinger
9. Anthony Castelli (throws up in mouth) 21. Gina LaRocca 33. Christina Fabre*
10. Dom Curcio 22. Gab Mallia  
11. Samantha DeMarco 23. James Mannino Para - Mrs. Angela Bonnano
12. Cristamarie DeVito 24. Frankie Mei *Fabre transferred out of 34 but was spotted
  several times at Mikey Bagels

Noteworthy People
Principal Mr. John Boyle (also Mr. Jeff Preston until June 2011)
Assistant Principal Ms. Tammy Stancavage (Garcia)
Dean of Students Mr. Steve Curreri 8th and 7th Grade, Mr. Anton Updale 6th Grade

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