The Great Librarian
2012 - 2013 Grade 8 Integrated Algebra

Ending the day with a nice group of people is always a bonus for me. This class will be remembered for a lot of random strange occurences, and a lot of strange people...

They were also very bright as a class and worked very well together. Many of the students looked to answer questions regularly, and then I would also pick on Dom and Brian (whom would give inappropriate answers, followed by Francis muttering something inappropriate not quietly enough).

We had some moments where issues of racism were addressed, as well as discussing F-bomb usage for shocking but fitting situations, breaking down barriers of using public restrooms, the awkwardness of a harmless wink, the cleansing-free of homocidal tendencies, abusive friendship, overcoming great fits of lazyness, dirty political tactics (rip down that poster Dom, it'll get you the votes), bizarre instances of chemistry/affection, keeping a neat folder and backpack, and also a little math along the way. I hope many of them stick together, they have a great group dynamic. Many good memories that will stay fresh for a long time.

Class Picture
Photo Credit: Mrs. Jennifer Thomas. Nick Pallis and Kim Polisar were not present for the photo. David is hiding. Awkward face is Ray Kitchen. Creep Chills.

1. Lea Abrams 13. Ray "Black Ray" Kitchen 25. Cassidy Petrie
2. John Africano 14. Anton "Red Ninja" Kochnev 26. Kim Polisar
3. Kayla "Frak Bomb" Arnone 15. Jordyn "Krutaaay" Krute 27. Cristiana Pontieri
4. Christian "Shifty" Bonavita 16. Nicole "Ginger" Manning 28. Brian Ramirez
5. Emily Carsten      '( -_o)' 17. Daria Marolla 29. Mackenzie Ricca
6. Lauren "Angela Lansbury" Casella 18. Daniella Miniero 30. David Sandvik
7. Nicole Clark 19. Carmine Montaperto 31. Gabrielle "Shermz" Sherman
8. Giovanna Cocuzza 20. Annie Nuara 32. Julianna "Ms Venditti" Venditti
9. Alexandra Dadona 21. Nick Pallis 33. Nicole Vulovich (Mirrr)
10. Zack Fertig 22. Dom Passante  
11. Laura Finnegan 23. Shiv Patel  
12. Victoria Gatto 24. Francis Perry  

Noteworthy People
Principal Mr. John Boyle (also Mr. Jeff Preston until June 2011)
Assistant Principal Ms. Tammy Stancavage (Garcia)
Dean of Students Mr. Steve Curreri 8th and 7th Grade, Mr. Anton Updale 6th Grade

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