809 HR
The Great Librarian
2010 - 2011 Grade 8 Math and CW4L Homeroom

One of the best groups of people ever assembled. This HR was full of truly nice, fun, hard-working students. Usually it takes time to establish a relationship with a class, with them it took less than a week.

We came together for the first time and brought down the house during Hat Day and it was all fun from the first day I even mentioned it. From there it was either a contest or just something going on in the building that lead to us coming closer together and having a ball from the beginning to the end. Of course we had our share of pizza parties, we did not mess around. I am proud to have been a part of their team.

No doubt I will remain in touch with them for years to come. This earned their place in history, CW4L...

Class Picture
So we had an undercover operative, but he was lost in battle. His identity will be a secret forever. Click the photo for the full version so you can save it!

1. Jaycee Cartolano 13. Rikki Kaufman 25. Samantha Popovics
2. Daria Centonza 14. Cailey Kehoe 26. James Potestivo
3. Olivia Centonza 15. Danielle "Lady Evil" LoCastro 27. Brianna Randazzo
4. Jessica Conniff 16. Alana Mattei 28. Danielle Randazzo
5. Samantha DeAssis 17. Kristen Mavaro 29. Amanda Rivera
6. Brian "Turbo Chicken" DeRosa 18. Taylor Mavaro 30. Ereny "Bert-n-Ernie!" Shahat
7. Rich DiOrio 19. Victoria Mongiello 31. Sal Spatola
8. Stephen Dorme 20. Jackie Moses 32. Julia Venezia
9. Julia Ericksen 21. Julie Moses 33. Noah Villeroel
10. Erica Ferrara 22. Danielle Mosomillo  
11. Samantha Finley 23. Anthony Musto Who was the operative not pictured online?
12. Amanda "Busta Rhymes" Fogarty 24. Jacqueline Pecoraro
Check the book I guess. The picture stands corret here as is...

Noteworthy People
Principal Mr. John Boyle (also Mr. Jeff Preston until June 2011)
Assistant Principal Mrs. Amy Janicke (Kosinski) 8th Grade, Mr. John Boyle 6th and 7th Grade
Dean of Students Mr. Joe Leone 8th Grade, Mr. Bruce Lafier 6th and 7th Grade

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