The Great Librarian
2011 - 2012 Math CTT

This was a memorable group of people. Mr. David "Evad" D'Augusta joined the group as a co-teacher, and Ms. Candice Wagner enjoying her second year in a row in C7.

The group was overloaded with some very opinionated ladies that tended to drive the group any particular day. Everyone in the room was an integral part of this class, I truly felt connected in some way to all of them. The guys were few but strong. A collection of goofy idiots that would lose control literally at the command of a gentle fart in the back of the room. Something that mostly had us all laughing if it was heard.

From Falconite's stupid grin (Alien Foxes) to Pags stealing the room everytime he spoke, and from the daily attacks of embarassing personal probes Mr D to Amanda's fiery commentary, you could say that the echoes of every day can forever be heard. I know some of this group will be in touch with me for a long time. Llama hands up.

Class Picture
Great Picture. Mustache credit to Sophia's awesome/sick sense of humor. Liz and Himer had to be thrown in afterwards and Mario couldn't pose...

1. Kevin Berger 13. Danielle Himer 25. Kevin Read
2. Mario Captuto 14. Dino "Dino's Casino" Houtas 26. Matthew Roldan
3. Gabriella Catanese 15. Jonathan Kravitz 27. Victoria Sangiorgi
4. Taylor Clare 16. Liz "Llama Hands" Lanza 28. Joseph Schneider
5. Anthony Cunsolo 17. Maria Lourido 29. Jason Snow
6. Nicolette Cunsolo 18. Julia McVey 30. Danielle Stropoli
7. Davon Delvalle 19. Sophia Montemarano 31. Nick Teutonico
8. Amanda DiBerardino 20. David Morgan 32. Matthew Velez
9. Joseph Dispensa 21. Mohammed "Moe-Hammy" Muyir Para. Ms. Candice Wagner
10. Jamie Ericksen 22. Vincent Myers  
11. John Esposito 23. Jason Quinones  
12. John "Alien Foxes" Falconite 24. Anthony "Pags" Rapaglia  

Noteworthy People
Principal Mr. John Boyle (also Mr. Jeff Preston until June 2011)
Assistant Principal Mrs. Amy Janicke (Kosinski) 8th Grade, Mr. John Boyle 6th and 7th Grade
Dean of Students Mr. Joe Leone 8th Grade, Mr. Bruce Lafier 6th and 7th Grade

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