The Great Librarian
2010 - 2011 Grade 8 Math

This class was filled with a very strange and diverse set of people. We managed to have a good time and learn a lot of math.

We also had a lot of people in the room. Ms. Stachursky, Ms. Daly, Ms. Wagner, and even Ms. Calabria was there a while.

Then I shoudl mention that we had a ton of people dumped into the class. Joe O'Toole, and Nick "Zack" Elsayed, and Sabrina Minardi stayed with us. We had Chris Wakeham for about 5 days, and Vin Rizzo for a day.

We had some good times for sure. O'Toole swallowed a pen cap, Bidetti killed someone, and Gurfinkel became less crazy.

Class Picture
A great picture of the class. Some had to be photoshopped in, but we were all there in spirit. Gurfinkel is a muppet and Luiggi is being shifty.

1. April Allen 13. Dan Franey 25. Mike "Moe" Moroz
2. Anita Barbato 14. Ashley Fusco 26. Joe O'Toole
3. Nick Barone 15. Jared Gordon 27. Sarah Osmun
4. Christina Bidetti 16. Paul Gurfinkel 28. Deanna Passalaqua
5. Amanda Bonura 17. Jacky Lao 29. Alexandra Pepe
6. John Butler 18. Jonathan Lipinski 30. Jesse Picca
7. Tom Byrne 19. Paul Luque 31. Joe Ranieri
8. Christina Calvello 20. Mike Lynn 32. Maria Rosa
9. Chalit "Gem" Caranto 21. Luiggi Mamani 33. Adrianna Ruffo
10. Kevin Carcamo 22. Mike Mangiacasale 34. Anthony Santora
11. Tiffany Devito 23. Brittany Mathis *Chris Wakeham
12. Nick Elsayed 24. Sabrina Minardi *Vincent Rizzo

Noteworthy People
Principal Mr. Jeff Preston
Assistant Principal Mr. Gary Tames
Dean of Students Mr. Joe Leone

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