The Great Librarian
2010 - 2011 Integrated Algebra

The regents class is always a bit crazier with the amount of work that needs to get done, but every class I have taught so far has been loads of fun because of the great group of people in the class. 804 will live on as a collection of good memories. I have a lot of respect for what they accomplished and how they performed as a group, overall it was not easy.

Harrison ended up being the King for most of the year, while mastering Sudoku and what appeared to be Tai Chi. A cast of characters for sure: El Hussam, Crazy Eyes Sciarrino, and a few others kept us enteretained. Prato never stopped laughing. Amanda and Tabetha suffered through some interesting times.

I hate mentioning names, because I really feel close to a lot of people in this class and I will miss seeing them all together. I am sure we will run in to each other here and there, anf I am sure I will be impressed by news of their progress, but being with them every day in the classroom to teach Integrated Algebra was an experience that anyone would take for granted during the year and start missing in July. Good luck to all of you.

Class Picture
The picture was taken one of the last days and unfortunately some people were missing. Usually I would "place them" digitally, but we had no time to pose. So I used some pictures from the end of the year to get everyone. Sam and Sciarrino in the original, and Prato and Chirelli up front all posed like jackasses.

1. Rawan Abuzahrieh 12. "El" Hussam "Con Queso" Gouda 23. Mike Russell
2. Allesandro Artista 13. Jessica Graci 24. Nicole Schaefer
3. Mike Balboni 14. Ivanna Hanna 25. Matt "Crazy Eyes" Sciarrino
4. John Barclay 15. Jacquelyn Kempton 26. Amanda Shapiro
5. Juliana Brennan 16. Mike Mascarelli 27. Kim Sheehan
6. Kris Candella 17. Danielle Masino 28. Sam "Sherminator" Sherman
7. Joe Chirelli 18. Dan Mondello 29. Jamie Silverstein
8. Harrison Chiu 19. Eric Mostoff 30. Jessica Sullivan
9. Lauren De Meno 20. Arianna Murdocca 31. Mike "FABulolus Mike" Thives
10. Dan "Aftershock" Fullman 21. Sydney Narvaez 32. Kenny Thorsen
11. Sergio Gorno 22. Brandon "Who's Brandon?" Prato 33. Tabetha Tufariello

Noteworthy People
Principal Mr. Jeff Preston
Assistant Principal Mr. Gary Tames
Dean of Students Mr. Joe Leone

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