The Great Librarian
2010 - 2011 Grade 8 Math and CW4L Homeroom

Another great homeroom. I never forget groups as good as this one because of the unique, good times we had together.The best day ever was the great surprise birthday that they planned for me with Ms. Belnavis.

We won a lot of the contests, eating a lot of pizza and even some ice cream. Hat Day, Toy Drive, Clothing Drive, Senior Dues, Parent Surveys, and the March of Dimes. Finished the year and they still owe us two parties! Kill 'em.

Hat Day was awesome. We set the tone there, really showing our personality. Evil robots from the future. All the events were great, but really every morning we had a lot of laughs. I really hope I stay in touch with this crew, our bond was strong.

Class Picture
This was a day earlier in the year, before all of the real fun started. Matt, Kalilla, and Mike were magically inserted. Gerald Cain looks like Mike Tyson.

1. Dom Aiello 13. James Esposito 25. Brianna Pucci
2. Robert "Bob" Amato 14. Brianna Fazio 26. Nick "The Attorney" Roloph
3. Kayla Aquafredda 15. Lauren Florio 27. Matt Ruggirello
4. Alexis Ardolino 16. Marc "The Face" Gonzalez 28. Sienna Sabella
5. Gerald Cain 17. Alexa Hagan 29. Mike Sallusto
6. Giovanni "G" Caputo 18. Gerald "Sushi" Hysaj 30. Anthony Scotti
7. Helene Casanova 19. Cassidy Iannariello 31. Brendan Sikorjak
8. Sara Cavallo 20. Nina LaMarch 32. Annie Tenantitla
9. Desiree Ciccone 21. Maria LaRocca 33. Gabrielle Tozzi
10. Gabriele DeLeon 22. Nick Manzella 34. Alyssa Yodice
11. Chris DePutron 23. Mike Marracello    
12. Kalilla Dilgen 24. Brooke Marzullo    

Noteworthy People
Principal Mr. Jeff Preston
Assistant Principal Mr. Gary Tames
Dean of Students Mr. Joe Leone

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