The Great Librarian
2009 - 2010 CW4L Homeroom

Another awesome year with another awesome homeroom. They lived up to the tradition strongly as being a dominant force in the school in all contests. We almost took all of them, earning no fewer than 6 pizza parties. We won for Hat Day (2nd place), Toy Drive, Clothing Drive, Senior Dues, parent surveys, and the March of Dimes.

Lot of characters in the group, always invloved with stuff. Good memories liek the Freddy library ban, Blayse fighting with anything that breathes, Sedrak misplacing his head inside his trousers, Rebecca travelling the world to win competetions and still make everyone in school look stupid, a lot of great people building me a hat and decorating the door, scrambling to crush the rest of the grade in every contest, and of course, half the class leaving every morning to run errands for Firenze, McCarthy, Orlando, Stancavage, and Mr. Leventhal. Special shout out to Mr. Leventhal for once again being a second homeroom teacher to the class, always quick to offer advice to anyone who asked or didn't ask (especially the crew in the back near my desk).

It was great that a lot of them were in my IA math class, the group was clearly a collection of mature, self-driven individuals. the few that were not in my math class I wish were.

I feel a strong bond with this group, and I am sure I will keep in touch with them. The school gets its good rep from groups like this one.

Class Picture
We are CW4L. Benenati is OG. Charlie and Michelle just gave someone a beat-down. Taibi warped in the photo at a later date.

1. Nicole Avdalas 13. Jaclyn Hagis 25. Rebecca Sereda
2. Nick Benenati 14. Blayse Halvorsen 26. Andrew Shaw
3. Vanessa "Ms. McHugh" Blender 15. Charles Keppler 27. Rich Sisti
4. James Bonavita 16. Katherine Livatova 28. Greg Smimmo
5. Sally Cai 17. Tiffany Mastrota 29. Kalee Surace
6. James Caravello 18. Anthony Pinto 30. Michelle Sustkever
7. Lauren Conniff 19. Illana Pyatetsky 31. Lauren Taibi
8. Gabriella (Bleeds C-Wing) Davila 20. Elizabeth Roginkin 32. Allison Thorsen
9. Matt DePrizio 21. Kaitlin Russo 33. Freddy Ushitsky
10. Tom "Nancy" DeRosa 22. Nicole Savino     
11. Brianna Distefano 23. Joe Scanni    
12. Gianna Giordano 24. Mark Sedrak    

Noteworthy People
Principal Mr. Jeff Preston
Assistant Principal Ms. Tammy Stancavage (8th) - Ms. Amy Renz (7th) - Mrs. Deanne Frew (6th) - Whoa!
Dean of Students Mr. Anton Updale

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