The Great Librarian
2009 - 2010 Grade 8 Math

They had homeroom next door in Mr. Leventhal's room (C-5) with Ms. Perremuto. It was nice to have them come into homebase for math period 1 and 2.

A classic group of great people. We always managed to get our stuff done, and we had a good time. Of course there were some bumps, but it never got nasty. The group had a lot of heart.

We had a lot of nice memories that I know will remain significant for all of us. This class captures the essence of Totten, they will become part of all Totten's history.

Class Picture
Ryan attempts to bring us all to the gun show, sadly we never made it. The whole front row had to be digitally inserted - fun fun fun.

1. Shannon Azzato 13. Cassie Hummel 25. Andy Moyal
2. Dominic Battaglia 14. Saba Iqbal 26. Chris Nichols
3. Vincent Bivetto 15. James Kilkenny 27. Areli Pacheco
4. James Bonacci 16. Damian Kolnierowicz 28. Victoria Piscitelli
5. Sean Burkley 17. Laura LaMazza 29. Anthony Ranieri
6. Chris Delvalle 18. Anthony Lauer 30. Chris Sciove
7. Alyssa DeNoble 19. Vlad Levrints 31. Raquel Tarantola
8. Matt Duffy 20. Amanda Mallia 32. Angelica Termine
9. Nicolette Ferrisi 21. Emily Massa 33. Sabrina Yulchevsky
10. Matt Grecco 22. Patrick Mccann     
11. Alexandra "15" Grisanti 23. Lexi Merlis    
12. Kim Heaney 24. Ryan Minlionica    

Noteworthy People
Principal Mr. Jeff Preston
Assistant Principal Ms. Tammy Stancavage (8th) / Ms. Amy Renz (7th) / Mrs. Deanne Frew (6th)
Dean of Students Mr. Anton Updale

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