The Great Librarian
2009 - 2010 Grade 8 Math

A cast of characters that most of the time was able to do the right thing as a whole. Certainly a few "obstacles" to overcome in order to get work done.

I have a lot of good memories of our time together. Like I said, a cast of characters.

Me, Mrs. Ramire, Mr. Greenfield, and Mr. Mancusi shared a lot of stories about the class during the year. Echoes of these stories will be around the school for years to come.

Class Picture
Dr. Evil and his follower Wegener are planning to take over the world in the summer before high school. The Doctor killed Frank, nice!

1. Alexa Alesi 13. Stephen DeNoble 25. Frank Molino
2. Erik Andresen 14. Ryan Flaherty 26. Nick Morigi
3. Vincent Aranda 15. Lauren Fread 27. John Musemeci
4. Nicole Armstrong 16. Anthony Giakis 28. Mike Notaroberta
5. Nicole Bolusi 17. Josh Goldberg 29. Raina Pagan
6. Sal Bonello 18. James Gregoreadis 30. Nick "Pooch" Pucciarelli
7. Joe Bonneau 19. Anthony Grillo 31. Shannon Saar
8. Teresa Caccese 20. Elizabeth Ianno 32. Beth Strange
9. Sal Caravellla 21. Luke Jackson 33. Stephanie Tufano
10. Giana Castelli 22. Kayla Lipinski 34. Mike Voodarskiy
11. Mike Centonza 23. Stephen "Dr. Evil" LoCastro 35. Dan Wegener
12. Eric Cordaro 24. Devin Mangabang    

Noteworthy People
Principal Mr. Jeff Preston
Assistant Principal Ms. Tammy Stancavage (8th) / Ms. Amy Renz (7th) / Mrs. Deanne Frew (6th)
Dean of Students Mr. Anton Updale

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