The Great Librarian
2008 - 2009 Grade 8 Math

Everday I was with this class it was a pleasure. A tight group of good-hearted people. We had some good fun (the JD video - John Must Die) and what seemed to be a constant open discussion about the passing of everyday events. Thanks Rich and Grasso; I estimate that you only kiled about 5 weeks of classtime.

Somehow we always got our stuff done. I think we had a great connection, we quickly built a solid relationship.

The people in this group will stand out as a good slice of tradtion that will go down in history in Totten. It is a privelage to be a part of it with them. I hope to see them around in the future.

Class Picture
Rich has the crazy eyes, whoa! Also, I think Trivolis just smacked around Mike Munnelly. Kearney and Beecher look like they are gonna beat me up.

1. Alessandro "Alex" Albanese 13. Anthony Grasso 25. Dylan Pietropinto
2. Nick Astuto 14. John Holovka 26. Jenna Sannino
3. Emily Beecher 15. Danielle Kearney 27. Mike Schoppmann
4. Marvin "Dr. Bomb" Biscocho 16. Hye Young Kim 28. Danielle Speciale
5. Jennifer Bombino 17. Tim "TK" Kim 29. Danielle Taunton
6. Lauren Capua 18. Rich Lemmo 30. Chris Tozzi
7. Nico Damato 19. Alexa Lopez 31. Steven Trivolis
8. John Depalma (violates desks...) 20. Anthony "AJ" Mogavero 32. Marissa Valerio
9. Christina Devoti 21. Mike Munnelly 33. Rachel Velez
10. Nick Ferraoili (4 8 15 16 23 42) 22. Paola Munoz Para: Ms. Angela
11. Louis "Betty" Gambardella 23. Mike Murphy  
12. Alexandria Garzone 24. Nick Pallotto  

Some Farewell Messages
Rachel Rose Velez - "This is to all outgoing and incoming 8th graders of Mr. Buro. To the outgoing, I hope you all had a wonderful time with him this year! (I did =) ). To the incoming, I hope you do too!"
Marvin "Dr. Bomb" Biscocho - "Mr. B is Mr. Buro, He lives in the S.I. burrough, He wants Hawaiian Shirt Day, Get an XBox so we can play."

Noteworthy People
Principal Mr. Jeff Preston
Assistant Principal Mr. John Boyle
Dean of Students Mr. Bruce Lafier

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