The Great Librarian
2008 - 2009 Grade 8 Math and Homeroom

An amazing bunch of people. A true group of C-Wingers, this class turned out to be a powerful force as a homeroom. A lot of great people put together to build a class better than the sum of its parts. It is rare that such a friendly dynamic exists between people in a way that forms such tight bonds.

We had a lot of great moments while still managing to keep up with our work. Mr. Leventhal and I had a lot of good times with them during homeroom. Through powerful unity and the purest of hearts with donations, they led the school in pizza parties with 4.

Cassidy was a great addition to our class, but it only lasted one day. She remained a true C-Winger in loyalty, and for that she will forever be a friend. Justin joined our family late in the year, but was loyal from day one.

Class Picture

Sadly our late arrival C-Winger, Justin Joseph, is not pictured. Cassisdy, the super-secret C-Winger is pictured!

1. Anthony Accardo 13. Joe Giuliano 25. Gabrielle Poli
2. Parisa Behnambakhsh 14. Robert "Bob" Graham 26. Joe Ruggiero
3. Charles "C.J." Cedeno 15. Tommy Lacara 27. Toni Ann Russo
4. Ashley Chandler 16. Dan Mazzarisi 28. Devon Shea
5. Angelica Contino 17. Gabrielle Molino 29. Kyle Sheehan
6. Mary Conway 18. Joey Molloy 30. Sarah Sleight
7. Amanda "Maddy" Elkins 19. Jessica Monachino 31. Brandan Spears
8. BriAnna Esposito 20. Sam Mondello 32. Nicolette Varsalona
9. Andrew Faljean 21. Jonathan Mui 33. Anthony Walla
10. Alyssa Fonte 22. Robert "Bob" Odessa 34. Cassidy Merlini*
11. Sydney Ford 23. Denae Patalano 35. Justin Joseph*
12. Liz Galperina 24. Anthony Poli
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Some Farewell Messages
Joe Ruggiero - "Congrats to the class of 2009. It has been fun for 3 years, I had some good classes but Mr. Buro's math class was the best. We learned so much but had fun doing it. I will miss everyone next year if your going to a different school. Good luck!"

Joe Giuliano - "We're finaly out of 34. We had a lot of memories. To all 8th graders leaving 34, good luck in high school. CW4L!"

BriAnna Esposito <3 - "Class of 801, you will always have a special place in my heart. I will never forget our jokes in class and Mr. Buro screaming at Devon and Walla while w ejust laugh, and Joe R. thinking he is cool calling out comments to Joe G. to do his homwork. 'Joe DO YOUR HOMEWORK!' I will never forget you guys ever! Congrats guys! (: CW4L! I love class 801! P. S. I hate yout Tommy! (:

Noteworthy People
Principal Mr. Jeff Preston
Assistant Principal Mr. John Boyle
Dean of Students Mr. Bruce Lafier

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