The Great Librarian
2007 - 2008 Grade 8 Math

This class will always be in my mind because of how they close they were with each other, and how the entire 8th grade that year was amazing.

We always got our stuff done, and we managed to have a few priceless moments thanks to a select group of people. I enjoyed talking to every single person in this class, whether it was during our down-time or at a school event. We had a strong connection.

The school will not forget people like this, because they felt how they were all part of something good and lasting while they were here at Totten.

1. Tim Braine 13. Nick Kempton 25. Demi Quagliariello
2. Andrew Caragiulo 14. Alec Laino 26. Marissa Ranello
3. Brandon Cimorelli 15. John Leahy 27. Mark Ruggierello
4. Tori Connelly 16. Zach Levine 28. Bree Silverman
5. Joe DiDonato 17. Rosario Macri 29. Courtney Springer
6. Jennifer Doehler 18. Brian Martinez 30. James "Firedrill Ninja" Strusinski
7. Danielle Ebro 19. Alyssa Matula 31. Katlyn Wolff
8. Paul Feliciano 20. Ryan Mavaro 32. Tessa Yuro
9. Brittany Gallo 21. Anthony "Mini-Tames" Monaco 33. Elise Zilber
10. Jill Giuffre 22. Joe Nisnivich  
11. Frankie Graci 23. Gabriella Nuara  
12. Glen Thor Hansen 24. John Poveromo  

Noteworthy People
Principal Mr. Jeff Preston
Assistant Principal Mr. Gary Tames (8th) / Ms. Amy Renz (6th, 7th)
Dean of Students Mr. Joe Leone

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