The Great Librarian
2007 - 2008 Homeroom

A truly amazing group of people. They witnessed the renovation of C-7, though they proudly called it home regardless. Together we won six pizza parties, utterly dominating the rest of the grade in all forms of charity and collection of materials. The group is the first to wear the C-Wing 4 Life (CW4L) wristbands.

This was also the 35th Anniversary of Totten. This class was a great part of that remarkable year. I enjoyed every second of my time with them, though it is a shame only one member was in my regular classes. Mrs. Ramire, Mr. Leventhal, and Mrs. Barrett (among others) were all friends of this class in one way or another.

CW4L - Homeroom in June

1. Jenna Anzalone 13. Kate Huey 25. Alexa Rubilotta
2. Idan "The King" Boussani 14. Tyler "Krutay" Krute 26. Brian "B-Russ" Russell
3. Rob Butler 15. Amal Masud 27. Peter "Potsy" Sanicola
4. Robert Chiricolla 16. Ashley Mazzola-Ciriello 28. Kevin Sarnes
5. Jessica Ciotola 17. Chris Morelli 29. "Large" Mark Sherr
6. Julie Colacurto 18. Alex Morisano 30. Stephaine Spinosa
7. Michelle DePietro 19. Crystal Mulligan 31. Mahnoor Syed
8. Steven Delvalle 20. Olga Nikulina 32. Anthony "Uncle Tony" Traina
9. Joey Fattorusso 21. John Pallis 33. Mathew Wurtz
10. Jonathan "Tookie" Goldman 22. Nick Petrie  
11. Greg Hershkowitz 23. Crysta Pompa *As requested by Uncle Tony.
12. Vanessa "Gutez*" Hopkins 24. Valdis Rice  

Noteworthy People
Principal Mr. Jeff Preston
Assistant Principal Mr. Gary Tames (8th) / Ms. Amy Renz (6th, 7th)
Dean of Students Mr. Joe Leone

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