The Great Librarian
2007 - 2008 Grade 8 Math

There are a lot of great people in this class, people that I know will always be in my mind and I am sure I wil be running into them all over. This class was also part of a tremendous year, one that our school will never forget.

We had a lot of funny moments while still managing to keep up with our work. A lot of people surprised themselves as to how well they did with the Math, but it is something of a strange underlying thing that you just knoew they will have noteworthy success in the room during the year.

I will miss them all a lot and hope to see them around.

1. Sophia Aigotti 13. Richie Gonzalo 25. Gianna Simone
2. Alyssa Benenati 14. Nicole Hodgens 26. Jacqueline Speranza
3. Amanda Bengard 15. David Leviev 27. Nathan Svidler
4. Brittany Cardinale 16. Mikayla Lisiewski 28. Craig Tenaglia
5. KristaRose Casale 17. Alyssa Marino 29. Reamelo Trapp
6. Nick Cawley 18. Jessika McLaughlin 30. Stefan Vargas
7. Gina Coccaro 19. Patirck Nicholson 31. Louis "Vanooch" Vanucci
8. Francesco Distefano 20. Katherine Park 32. Ilyssa Weshner
9. John Distefano 21. Joe Ralko 33. Kelsey Whelan
10. Will Esposito 22. Javier Rivera  
11. Dean Garofalo 23. Tom Ryan  
12. Irving Glinik 24. Alessia Scolaro  

Noteworthy People
Principal Mr. Jeff Preston
Assistant Principal Mr. Gary Tames (8th) / Ms. Amy Renz (6th, 7th)
Dean of Students Mr. Joe Leone

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