The Great Librarian
2006 - 2007 Grade 8 Math

This class was made up of some of the nicest people I have ever met in my life. Any teacher who had this still uses them as an example of how some people should be as nice as some of them.

We always had a lot of fun in the room. They knew when to do the right thing and buckle down to the work, which always made them shine in the school. A lot of characters here that made every day fly by in a really good way.

I have had some relatives of these students already, which is like a window to the past. I still see a lot of their parents too at the special events or around the Tottenville area. A testament once again to how nice they were.

Also, Ms. Jenn Decandia, was a big part of this class, helping out Andrea officially, but a lifesaver for everybody else (especially Tilelli).

1. Kristina Bondinello 13. Lana Lamazza 25. Rena Parisi
2. "BIG MARK" Caravello 14. Matt Liotine 26. Ashley Prato
3. Nicolette Cascio 15. Jillian Marrocco 27. Dylan Ross
4. Stephanie Castellane 16. Samantha Mattsson 28. Melissa Schell
5. Nick D'Ottavio 17. Kristina Mazzarisi 29. Tim Shub
6. Jaime Gentile 18. Alyssa Molino 30. Christian Spears
7. Matt Hess 19. Andrea Moore 31. Joe Sykes
8. Tom Hopper 20. Jessica Moroz 32. Brittney Thomas
9. Dayna Interlandi 21. Francesca Mugavero 33. Mike Tilelli
10. Tyler Isgro 22. Marianne Murphy Pvt. Para: Ms. Jenn Decandia
11. Denis Jozunovski 23. Rosario Padovano  
12. Derek Klein 24. Deanna Panico  

Noteworthy People
Principal Mr. Jeff Preston
Assistant Principal Mrs. Frew
Dean of Students Mr. Anton Updale

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