The Great Librarian
2006 - 2007 Grade 8 Math

A lot of memorable moments in C-7 with this class. Some of them strange and/or shocking, but the vast majority were a lot of fun. We got very close towards the end of the year, especially when the house project started.

Some of them visit I.S. 34 when they can and we talk about the good times we had and how everyone is doing post-Totten life. Ms. Verderber and I often talk about this class a lot because of their brothers, sisters, and cousins that we have had since. It is strange how often that happens.

1. Diana Albanese 13. Sara Jacobi 25. Anthony Persico
2. David Ayala 14. Ed Kaufmann 26. Nicole Randazzo
3. Frank Biscione 15. Tyler Kennedy 27. Tevin Rhoden
4. Lucas Brady 16. Nicole Latona 28. Alexandria Russo
5. Chris "CJ" Bruder 17. Devlin Law 29. Kelli Russo
6. Joe Bruno 18. Dan Mannion 30. Steven Santiago
7. Erica Caronna 19. Dan Morrow 31. Vincent Sebastiano
8. Amanda Casale 20. Britanie Mulholland 32. John Sisti
9. Mike Devito 21. Colleen Munnelly 33. Carlo Sorrentino
10. Mike DiDonato 22. Stephanie Murano 34. Stephen Tufano
11. Sabrina Geiling 23. Jessica Paliswiat  
12. Gabrielle Grieco 24. Caitlyn Peccerillo  

Noteworthy People
Principal Mr. Jeff Preston
Assistant Principal Mrs. Frew
Dean of Students Mr. Anton Updale

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