Math A

The Great Librarian
2006 - 2007 Advanced Math (801, 809)

An unforgettable group of people that will go down in history as one of the most memorable of the school. Every day was a good day as long as this class was in my room. Most of the class was my homeroom, with a few unfortunate departures and a few welcomed guests who certainly earned their seat.

We have a lot of cool memories. The Smartboard was introduced to the school with this group. Playing jokes on Mrs. Barrett, the crazy terrorist dream I had with Sal and Richie, and the great talks that went from 360 vs. PS3 to life in and after Totten. Leventhal and Barrett were good friends to this class. As far as math is concerned, saying I was proud of them would not do them justice.

See 801 from 2007 for the Homeroom roster.

*All students are in 801 unless otherwise noted.

June Class Picture
CLICK TO ENLARGE - 801 Mixed Math

1. "Big" Tom Aloi 13. James "Skeans!" Haggerty-Skeans 25. Emily Ruderman - 809
2. Christina Benenati 14. Michael "Mikey J" Jachcinski - 809 26. Mike "Mr. Xtreme" Russo
3. Ross "Calims" Calimlim 15. Danielle Langan 27. Chris "New Schacht City" Schacht
4. Laura Casertano 16. Mike Marinacci 28. Julia Simoniello
5. Brittany Castaldo 17. Ryan Miller 29. Sal Susino - Ninja Bodyguard
6. Frank "Paco" Cintula 18. Kristy Mui 30. Brigitte Sykes
7. Christina Dadona 19. Teresa Ng 31. Emma Sykes - 809
8. Richard Destefano - Ninja Bodyguard 20. George Nikitkov 32. Nicole Taranto - 809
9. Rosemarie "Roe" Distefano 21. Sophia "Mrs. P" Palumbo 33. Eleonora Tron
10. Anthony "Espo" Esposito 22. Frank Porzio 34. Shannan Winker
11. Stephen Ferrari 23. Alex Ratner  
12. Vincenzo Grasso 24. Mike Reis - 809  

Noteworthy People
Principal Mr. Jeff Preston
Assistant Principal Mrs. Frew
Dean of Students Mr. Anton Updale

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