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Mr. Barell
2005 - 2006 Grade 8 Combined Homeroom

Mr. Barell. Simply put, he is the man. Once the undisputed king of I.S. 34 softball, and always one of the most valuable and utilized paraprofessionals to ever walk the halls of Totten. He was unfortunately lost to ugly budget cuts and tossed to a different school.

I didn't have the pleasure of teaching these students, I was simply their homeroom facilitator with Mr. Barell. Generally a good group, a lot of good-hearted people and just a few individuals who could use some time smelling flowers and appreciating the world. Plant a tree - I don't know.

Mrs. Zawadski, Mr. Leone, and Mrs. Dobkowski were also friends of these classes, among others.

1. Alitsa Aybar 6. Jonathan Rousch  
2. Robert Brascia 7. Edward Perciballi  
3. Caitlyn Edgeworth 8. ?????????
This roster is still under review....
4. Dalia Elzahir 9. ?????????  
5. Travis Lindsey 10. ?????????  

Noteworthy People
Principal Mr. Jeff Preston
Assistant Principal Mr. John Boyle
Dean of Students Mr. Bruce Lafeir

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