The Great Librarian
2005 - 2006 Grade 8 Math

This was another of the first group in C-7. We had class period 7 and 8, always wrapping up the day witha little math and some other assorted events. Most of the time we laughed about a lot of things, but occassionally some of the personalties made for some strange memories.

Overall, the group had a great personality. I enjoyed my time with them, especially during the House Project at the end of the year. We got very close during that time, it is a shame that always happens at the end of the year. Sometimes I wish we could have more time together like that.

Again, this was part of a year that just worked well. Some sort of underlying bond within the whole 8th grade made this year great. Boyle and Lafeir brought it out of them. Good luck and hopefully I will see you guys around.

1. Nick Amendola 13. Samantha DeAngelo (B&N 2014*) 25. Alexandria Pompeii
2. Nicole Badagliaco 14. Vincent Divino 26. John Quinn
3. Nick Barber 15. Joanna Favaloro 27. Sara Rada
4. Mark Barracato 16. Dylan Jones-Busch 28. Brittany Robotti
5. Daniella Bianco 17. Kyle Kingsley 29. Diana Rotondi
6. Victoria Caronna 18. Kaltrina Kobeci 30. Debranne Schoer
7. Linnia Cheung 19. Ed Krakower 31. Tami Ann Serafino
8. Woolam Cho 20. Kaila LeShack 32. John Turbiak
9. Mike Ciotola 21. Vincent Manfredonia  
10. Stephanie Cotello 22. Mike "Blood Walk" Masula  
11. Nick Conio 23. James Nichols  
12. Jennifer Crane 24.Brandon Paone  

Noteworthy People
Principal Mr. Jeff Preston
Assistant Principal Mr. John Boyle
Dean of Students Mr. Bruce Lafeir

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