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The Great Librarian
2005 - 2006 Grade 8 Honors Math

Welcome to Drama Central. I would start the day with this mixture of two honors homerooms. I loved this class, we really did have a great time. Though, there were a lot of soap-opera situations that needed to be dealt with, but I think tht even those involved knew how ridiculous some of the events were. Lots of interesting phone calls.

They were very bright and funny, and also the first real C-Wingers. I had no idea how attached we would get to the room. Those damp, dark walls now hold a lot of history.

Mr. Boyle and Mr. Lafeir helped make this year a great year. The whole atmoshpere of the grade we very tight-knit because of the way everything sort of flowed together. Good luck to all of you, say hi when you can!

1. Sean ALtberger 13. Anthony Giuliano 25. Carol Santora
2. Joe Aranda 14. Amanda Guida 26. Samantha Shapiro
3. Mina Beshai 15. Britzy Joseph 27. Nicole Wallace
4. Matt Bilbao 16. Patricia Jurgeleit 28. Stephen Zimmer
5. Brianna Brady 17. Dorothy Kilroy  
6. Bianca Burrafato 18. Brian McCann  
7. Adam Campione 19. Samantha Orlando  
8. Donnel Cardenas 20. Nathalia Perez  
9. Michelle Centrone 21. Adriana Peri  
10. Danny Chen 22. Christian Pinez  
11. Matt Cruz 23. Solomon "Sol" Rozental  
12. Tricia Etri 24. Christine Russo  

Noteworthy People
Principal Mr. Jeff Preston
Assistant Principal Mr. John Boyle
Dean of Students Mr. Bruce Lafeir

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