The Great Librarian
2005 - 2006 Grade 8 Math

One of the first classes for me in C-7. We made a lot of adjustments for that year, but it keeps getting better and better in the C-Wing.

The year seemed to fly by fast in this class. W ealways had something going on, especialy with the comments and stories being told by some of the students. A Tracy Ullman impression or discussion about a Wonka-vator seemed to take up a lot of time.

Overall, it was a nice group of people. Of course I am still seeing them around the shopping areas. I'm happy to say evryone I have run into is doing well. This was a great year.

1. Victor Aguilar 13. Maria Giuffre 25. Ashley Sicuranza
2. John Cain 14. Dan Irkinas 26. Russel Siegel
3. Lauren Canecchia 15. Lianca Licci 27. Brandon Steike-Garza
4. Ashley Connors 16. Adam Licitra 28. Chloe Tercovich
5. Steven Cordaro 17. Toni Ann Longobardi 29. Mike Vargas
6. Chris Cossean 18. Tom Mauro 30. Rob Vermillion
7. Vanessa Cucuzza 19. Anastasia Nicholson 31. Kelly Whalen
8. Joe Curatolo 20. Taylor Passalaqua 32. Christina Winrock
9. Kristi Delia 21. Nicole Pezza 33. Nick Zarcone
10. Jen Dillon 22. Brianne Reitano  
11. Sal Etter 23. AnnaMarie Riveccio  
12. Sal George 24. Anthony Sepulveda  

Noteworthy People
Principal Mr. Jeff Preston
Assistant Principal Mr. John Boyle
Dean of Students Mr. Bruce Lafeir

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