The Great Librarian
2004 - 2005 Grade 8 Math

I have to say I miss a lot of these people. It seems like a whole lifetime ago that I was trying to teach them how to solve for a variable. This class had a lot of moments and a lot of characters. Often when I run into one of them around the neighborhood, they are so happy to see me and tell me how well they are doing. It is a good feeling.

We were cooped up in 104 during period 7 and 8 every day. I used a pretty crappy overhead projector to try to get some math done in between getting people to stop drawing on their neighbor's arm. I have to admit some of the things they did to each other were pretty funny. One time I caught "Bosco" playing a game with some of the other kids. Knowing exactly how funny and embarassing the nature of the game was, I had to make him explain it verbally and in writing to Mr. Preston. Unforgettable.

FYI - Hawaiian shirts party began during this class. For some odd reason, when I dressed up in slacks and a pretty classy button-down shirt, I was told I "dressed like a science teacher." This was from "Bosco", Jeff Miller, and a few others in the back of the room. Today, I still have no idea what the hell that means.

1. John "Bosco" Barbieri 13. Nicole Hankers 25. Amanda Sanft
2. Valerie Bufalino 14. Ian Huttar 26. Antonio Sparaco
3. John Cipriano 15. Gabrielle Lisiewski 27. Richard Stoppiello
4. Vito Cucuzza 16. Anthony Lombardo 28. Amber Tozzi
5. Carl Cusmano 17. Laura Madrazzo 29. Steven Vargas
6. Tom DeBiase 18. Michelle Madrazzo 30. Elisa Vecchio
7. Mike Delegro 19. Jesse Maniscalco 31. Christine Zmigrodski
8. Alexa Donnelly 20. Jeff Miller  
9. Lauren Feaser 21. Mike Orr  
10. Candyce Feldman 22. Christina Pepi  
11. Michael Forlenza 23. Vito Portuesi  
12. Andrea Goldberg 24. Ryan Rivera  

Noteworthy People
Principal Mr. Jeff Preston
Assistant Principal Mr. Bob Valitutto / Ms. Amy Renz
Dean of Students Mr. Pete Cangeloso

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