The Great Librarian
2004 - 2005 Grade 8 Math

This class had a lot of heart to it. We started off the year pretty rough, but that was overwith fast. There are a lot of good people on the roster from this class, some of them I see around a lot. I am grateful for the great amount of praise I still get from them today. I do miss them.

We had our class in 104, probably the worst room in all of I.S. 34. It was hot, small, and next to the courtyard during lunch. Not a good combination. Still, 807 was one of the first classes of mine at Totten, and it was a good crew. A few personalities, as always, but mostly people that wanted to learn some math. A lot of them have gone on to some doing some impressive things, too. Hoepfully I will continue to see them in the future.

FYI - Hawaiian shirts party began during this class; however, it was discussed more with 811.

1. Stephanie Angelone 13. Alessia Fattorusso 25. Joe Porcello
2. Harrison Beach 14. Kaitlin Fogarty 26. Nicole SanFilippo
3. Marc Boimal 15. Adam Gandolfo 27. Jessica Sarnes
4. Stephanie Calderon 16. Joanna Geandomenico 28. Billy Schmidt
5. Ryan Campbell 17. James Geary 29. Mike Singer
6. Frank "Tank" Cantarini 18. Christyna Jacobson 30. Jade Vallario
7. Victoria "Tori" Carroll 19. Matthew Lombardi 31. Chris Winker
8. Chelsea Castelli 20. Christina Mauro  
9. Cristi Cedeno 21. Rita Miller  
10. Christina Ciaburri 22. James Noonan  
11. Paulina Cope 23. Dave "The Dinosaur" Perrotto  
12. Sebastiano Dolce 24. Alexa Pompa  

Noteworthy People
Principal Mr. Jeff Preston
Assistant Principal Mr. Bob Valitutto / Ms. Amy Renz
Dean of Students Mr. Pete Cangeloso

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