The Great Librarian
2004 - 2005 Grade 8 Math

I miss this class so much. They were my first homeroom and my first math class at I.S. 34. I still keep in touch with a few of them, and I am so happy to run into them around the neighborhood to get an update on their success.

We were in 109, Mrs. Alicea's room. Mr. Lupon and I did the HR, and then period 1 and 2 was math. We got a ton of work done, they were all very sharp. We also had a lot of fun together. We had a lot of good memories from inside the classroom, most notably would be the lobster. Sean brought it in after "obtaining" it from a store on the way to school. Lupon and I were so proud of his efforts, that we arranged for it to be kept on ice in the cafeteria. Besides Alicea and Lupon, Ms. Tina Calandriello (Ms. C) was a good friend to this class.

I wish you all the best and hope to see you again.

1. Andrew "Alf" Alfano 13. Joe DePaulo 25. Taylor Rovito
2. Kelly Amato 14. Itzel "Dominguez Itzel" Dominguez 26. Jesse Schickler
3. Ryan "B-man" Blendermann 15. Angela Gentile 27. Stephanie Scribani
4. Danielle Brandow 16. Phil Granata 28. Ermona Sejadinovski
5. Danny Brown 17. Charlie "Gooch" Gucciardo 29. Karissa Sorrentino
6. Darya Budarina 18. Tom Johanessen 30. Greg Tedesco
7. James Campiglia 19. Chris Kim 31. Lauren Turner
8. Charlie Chaiken 20. Ahmed Klobocista 32. Mike Wallace
9. Jasper Chang 21. Sean "Mondo" Mondello 33. Jeff Wilkins
10. Vito Deliberti 22. Sean O'Shaughnessy  
11. Nicole Deluzio 23. Sebastiano Perone  
12. Bruce Denicola 24. Beldon Ramadani  

Noteworthy People
Principal Mr. Jeff Preston
Assistant Principal Mr. Bob Valitutto / Ms. Amy Renz
Dean of Students Mr. Pete Cangeloso

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