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This is a ground-breaking, simple-to-use system that I have adopted to keep people informed!  The Buro Bulletin system exists to help you.  It is simply amazing.  Every time there is an announcement regarding our class you will receive a short message containing that statement.  The messages can be received as an email, text message, or both.  They will include homework assignments and due dates, test dates, projects dates, as well as any other relevant information.  I assure you it will never be abused.  I used it last year and it was GREAT!!! Best of all the service is free, but any texts you receive count towards your wireless plan.  No worries if you are on an unlimited text plan.  If not, expect just a few messages a week.  Understand that this system is ONE-WAY communication.  Please do not attempt to reply to any form of this bulletin, the replies don’t go anywhere.  If you need to contact me, you must write a note or email me. 

Now let me explain the system; skip this paragraph if you don’t care how it works.  I am using a free service called RainedOut.  This service allows me to setup a group page and when I send a message, anyone who signs-up to the group will receive messages when they are sent.  The service is free because at the end of every message there is a harmless educational advertisement.  These advertisements will not affect the message.  When you sign-up, your personal contact info is kept anonymous.  I don’t even have access to the list of subscribers, so nobody will see your cell-number or email (whichever delivery method you choose).

I need to tell you that I have used this system for two years; the kids AND parents loved it!  The system is an extra level of communication and an extra reminder to do what needs to be done.  I’ve mentioned the website already; I have parents on the site all day checking grades and also checking for new content.  This is just another part of the system.  If you ever wish to leave the Buro Bulletin system, it takes less than a minute to leave.  Directions for signing up and leaving are below.

Note: I am encouraging ALL STUDENTS AND ALL PARENTS to sign up for this.  That means you should go through the process multiples times! Also, if you want, sign up for both email and text alerts.  Before you begin, decide whether you want text alerts, email alerts, or both.  Think about how you want to be informed of announcements.  Note that this can be changed at any time.  If you need more info, contact me and we’ll figure it out quickly.

Carefully Follow These Steps:

  1. Look at the chart below for information about the group names and the fast method to sign-up for the text alerts.
  2. Go to or for text alerts only just use the quick info in the chart and you can be done.
  3. In the “Find Your Organization” box, type in Buro and click “Search”. You will see Buro Bulletin listed as a choice, click the name Buro Bulletin. A page will come up and walk you through the rest.

You are going to enter your email or cell-phone number.  Use whichever one you want to receive the messages.

You need to know there are 5 groups to choose from, sign up for all relevant to you. See below.

Group Name - Quick method to sign-up via text message. Takes only 30 seconds!

Text BUROMES2 to 84483 to receive alerts from Mr. Buro’s for the Period 2 Integrated Algebra Class
Text BUROMES5 to 84483 to receive alerts from Mr. Buro’s for the Period 5 Integrated Algebra Class
Text BUROMES6 to 84483 to receive alerts from Mr. Buro’s for the Period 6 Integrated Algebra Class
Text BUROMES8 to 84483 to receive alerts from Mr. Buro’s for the Period 8 Integrated Algebra Class
Text BUROMES9 to 84483 to receive alerts from Mr. Buro’s for the Period 9 Integrated Algebra Class
Text BUROALUM to 84483 to receive alerts from Mr. Buro as Alumni of Mr. Buro’s classes (join in June…)