The Archive

This is the Archive. It is a running record of all those who have had Mr. Buro as a regular teacher in one form of another. The pages are organized by year and class number. Any other neccessary distinctions will be made.

If for some reason there is a problem with the listing, or if you object to being listed here, simply contact Mr. Buro.

*See the bottom of this page for an abbreviation key.

The Story of the House of 10,000 Monkeys and the C-Wing is listed at the BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE

Forbidden City

Updated: January 2015 - No Overlapping Students in Classes Counted Twice!    That means that I have liked nearly 1,401.4 of my students!! Oh Mr. Buro, you are not serious! Are you??

The Stage of History
SI Tech
2014 - 2015
Per2 (CAD) | Per3 (CAD) | Per4 (CAD) | Per6 (CAD) | Per7 (CAD) | Per8 (CAD) Online! (draft status)
2013 - 2014
Per2 (CCA2) | Per5 (CCA4) | Per6 (CCA4) | Per8 (CCA2) | Per9 (CCA2) Online!
I.S. 34
2012 - 2013
808 (HR / IA) | 802 (IA) | 806 (G8M) Online!
I.S. 34
2011 - 2012
809 (HR) | 803 (G8M) | IA (801 / 802 / 808 / 809) | DM (PD4) | DM (PD8) Online!
I.S. 34
2010 - 2011
803 (HR / G8M) | 810 (G8M) | IA (804) Online!
I.S. 34
2009 - 2010
811 (HR) | 809 (G8M) | 810 (G8M) | IA (811 / 808 / 805) | GAG (6th) Online!
I.S. 34
2008 - 2009
801 (HR / G8M) | 808 (G8M) | IA (803 / 805 / 807 / 809) | PS (6th) Online! - possibly incomplete info
I.S. 34
2007 - 2008
803 (HR) | 801 (G8M) | 810 (G8M) | IA (803 / 806 / 811 / 812) | PS (7th) Online!
I.S. 34
2006 - 2007
801 (HR) | 802 (G8M) | 806 (G8M) | MA (801 / 809) | PS (8th) Online!
I.S. 34
2005 - 2006
912/913 (HR) | 801 (G8M) | 810 (G8M) | H8M (802 / 803) Online! - 912/913 in Progress
I.S. 34
2004 - 2005
801 (HR / G8M) | 807 (G8M) | 811 (G8M) Online!

Abbreviation Key
CAD - Computer Aided Design CCA2 - Two-term Common Core Algebra
G8M - Regular Grade 8 Math CCA4 - Four-term Common Core Algebra
H8M - Honors Grade 8 Math HR - Mr. Buro's Homeroom for the year
MA - Math A (GR8 at 9th Grade Level) IA - Integrated Algebra (GR8 at 9th Grade Level)
GAG - Gym Assistant Girls PS - Problem Solving (by grade)

The House of 10,000 Monkeys - The Beginning

The 2012 school year started with Mr Buro already missing the CWing. There was something intangible missing from everything. A terrible feeling. Not only did he feel it, but strangely the new students felt it as well. For some reason, even though they didn't sit together down in the CWing, they felt like they had their roots down there, as did I.

Mr Buro knew that he couldn't continue calling the group the CWingers, and it wasn't enough to say CWing for life anymore. As time went on, the meaning would continue to dwindle out of time and space. He approached his homeroom, 808, and said that it was time for the CW4L idea to evolve. The first condition was that respect shall always be given to the CWing and C7 at Totten Intermediate School, because it was evident that everything has roots there. The next was that the new name could no longer reference a location in a building, but rather should describe the group. Also, Mr Buro requested that his name should not be used. These conditions were also presented to the active members of the CW4L Facebook group, as their input was valued with high importance. They can never be disrespected by an evolution.

Over time, many ideas came to pass. But it was Mr Buro who was inspired by the surroundings of the class and some of the philosophy of the CW4L group. He presented the name "The House of 10,000 Monkeys" to the class. It was met largely with interest, but since it was so important, they were hesitant. The Facebook Group felt it was ideal, after some discussion. Mr Buro then tasked everyone to come up with a new hand salute, to show unity during good times and bad. Two suggestions arose, and both were adopted whole-heartedly. The first is called "throwing out the bananas." Make a Hawaiian hang-loose sign with both your hands and cross your forearms in front of your chest. Both hang-loose hands will appear as bananas, tightly grasped. The other, known as "the big banana" is when you see one of your brothers or sisters from afar and wish to acknowledge them and possibly send a brief message. Take both of yrou hands and make fists with your thumbs extended. Place the inner sides of your palms together so you form a large banana crescent shape with both your hands. Place them to your right ear and mouth, as if it was a communication device. Lastly, our original CWing Salute will never fall out of use. It was created by John Pallis, Peter Sanicola, Tyler Krute, and Jonathan Goldman. It should be used during serious times when respect to the group is most appropriate, such as making contact with a member after a long stretch fo time. Illusrations or photos will appear below. Lastly, current and future wristbands will always be a blend of yellow and green. They currently say "House of 10,000 Monkeys" on one side, and on the other "10KM - CW4L." They represent the our roots, as well as our new beginning.

And so that is the story of The House of 10,000 Monkeys... forever living and expanding.

The Expansion

During the 2013-2014 school year Mr. Buro became a nomad. Unappy with the internal demise of Totten Intermediate School, he gathered what was left of the 10KM-CW4L spirit and sought out new beginnings.

Mr. Buro spent a year at Tottenville High School. The spirit was alive in Tottenville; many of the loyal original CWingers and new 10,000 Monkeys had lead Mr. Buro in the right direction. The year was very good to cleanse the spirit of 10KM. Several new members were found but it wasa very select bunch. A lot of people there, students and teachers, made everything seem that it was right. This wonderful chapter of the House of 10,000 Monkeys served its purpose and lead Mr. Buro to find a new home for the Dojo.

The 2014-2015 school year has brought Mr. Buro to Staten Island Tech. Again Mr. Buro finds loyal members... includinga special few members that ushered the movement to break free from IS 34 and evolve the group. They have also allowed our influence to thrive before setting a foothold. The new Dojo is being built in the Computer Aided Design (CAD) Lab in room 237 at SI Tech. A new following is taking hold quickly. The story conues to unfold upon the stage of history...